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The first full-fledged blockchain-based solution for veterinarians and pet owners
The first full-fledged blockchain-based solution for veterinarians and pet owners
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Meet VetAPP
We are changing the vet healthcare market as we know it. Our mission is to improve the conditions for pet owners and veterinarians by providing them with innovative tools for various purposes from diagnosis, monitoring, booking management, interaction and many more.
For pet owners
We are offering pet owners a one-stop solution that allows them to take better care of their pets. VetAPP will provide a revolutionary AI tool for prediagnosis that will shorten the communciation paths between pet owners and vets and provide better outcome in the early onset of dangerous conditions. VetAPP will also facilitate easy access of pet owners to veterinary services by connecting the two stakeholder groups directly, as well as to high quality products on the marketplace.
For veterinarians
VetAPP is made by vets for vets - we want to allow vet clinics and practices to maximize their revenues, while increasing the quality of the services they provide to their customers. Our solution will improve the workflow of vets through various tools for pre-diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, appointment and booking management. We are offering vets access to a wider customer base and multiple additional monetization streams.
For animals
Last but not least — VetAPP is essentially created for the well-being of all our faithful companions whom we love. By helping pet owners and vets, we are directly creating a better world for animals.

Our solution will have potential use cases outside the scope of pets, extending to farms and other industries where animals.
The VetAPP ecosystem
The VetAPP ecosystem combines a wide array of features for both pet owners and veterinarians.
AI diagnosis tools
Our revolutionary AI diagnosis tool will collect enough information from the pet owner to define a diagnosis and book an appointment at the vet if necessary.
We will connect vets and pet owners directly based on different variables such as geolocation, categories, average rating, price and many more.
Telemedicine allows for a direct contact between pet owners and veterinarians online, which will aid in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.
Booking tools
Appointment booking and management tools allowing vets to save valuable time and resources that are currently spent on administrative tasks.
Knowledge base
Our knowledge base will allow pet owners to gain insight on how to best take care of their pets by giving them valuable and confirmed information.
VetAPP will be integratable to bracelets and microchips that will accumulate data, based on which the more advanced AI algorithms will be developed in the future.
The AI prediagnosis tool
Medical interview
The pet owner goes through the questionnaire created by the AI chatbot and describes any symptoms or other relevant information.
The AI creates a questionnaire based on the predefined variables. The AI further adjusts the further conditional questions based on the answers the user submits.
The AI tool determines whether a visit to the vet is necessary. The pet owner is matched with a vet and books an online consultation or an appointment.
The vet gets automatically matched with a new customer and uses the booking management tools to manage the appointment.
The social network
The VetAPP social media network will allow pet lovers, owners and vets to connect with each other and interact on a high level.
Multiple functionalities such as chatting, newsfeeds, commenting, liking and multimedia to stories and reels.
We will unlock an additional monetization stream by allowing advertisers to leverage the potential of the user base.
We are also planning on integrating a reward structure for high quality community-generated content.
The marketplace
The VetAPP marketplace will provide pet owners with access to various high quality products - from pet food, pharmaceuticals to toys and many others, including services.
For vets
The marketplace will allow vets to get access to additional monetization streams by offering their own products.
VetAPP users will be rewarded with vouchers and discounts which they can use on the marketplace.
Flexible payments
The marketplace will allow users to use both fiat currencies and the native VETC token to execute payments.
The VETC token
The VETC token will be used for payments within the VetAPP ecosystem for services and subscriptions. The token will also act as a reward mechanism, giving access to VETC subscribers to the unique VETC reward programme.

The token will be deflationary, with 5% to 10% of the net profit of VetAPP from subscriptions committed towards token buybacks from exchanges and their burning.
Subscriptions are paid monthly by users and give various rewards and advantages such as access to more functionalities, cosmetic rewards, higher discounts on products and access to two different loyalty programs.

There will be three subscription tiers, with an exclusive VETC token tier which will offer exclusive access to the VETC reward programme and further advantages.
Incentive mechanisms
We will implement a comprehensive gamification program and various incentive structures with different rewards for both fiat and VETC users, with the higher tiers reserved for the most active users within the ecosystem.

We will introduce another layer of incentives for the top 15% percentile of the users, also known as VetAPP Evangelists, who will receive a wide array of additional bonuses.
Read our Whitepaper and One Pager to learn more about our mission and offering.
The VetAPP token sale
Token name
Token type
180,000,000 VETC
Token Sale
720,000,000 VETC
Token supply
0,04 $
ICO price (main sale)
500,000 $
Soft cap
4,975,000 $
Hard cap
17.04.2023 - 18.06.2023
55,000,000 VETC
0,01 USD
19.06.2023 - 15.10.2023
115,000,000 VETC
0,035 USD
Public sale
16.10.2023 - 19.11.2023
10,000,000 VETC
0,04 USD
Token distribution
Sale 25%
Reverse 25%
Liquidity 15%
Staking pool 15%
Team 12%
Reward program 5%
Advisors 3%
Funds distribution
Development 60%
Marketing 35%
Legal & Exchanges 5%
Project roadmap
September 2021
  • Start of work on medical algorithms
April 2023
  • Update of tokenomy
  • Start of private sale
June 2023
  • Start of pre-sale
October 2023
  • Start of public sale
November 2023
  • Listing VETC on exchanges
  • Completion of VetAPP application
Q1 2024
  • Worldwide expansion
PhD Mariusz Andrych
Board Member
Przemyslaw Mazurek
Board Member
PhD Ewa Stanczyk
Medical Expert
PhD Katarzyna Kołomyjec
Medical Department Director
Advisory board
Artur Kuczmowski
Legal Advisor
Blockchain Advisor
Prof. Barbara Mroz-Gorgon
Marketing Advisor
Marcin Rzeczkowski
Customer Loyalty and UX Advisor
Dimitri Haußmann
Blockchain Advisor
Leszek Bukowski
Chief AI Officer
Robert Lesisz
Tokenization Manager & Advisor
Marta Zarosa
Marketing & Sales Advisor
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